Friday, March 27, 2009

Swap Frenzy

I have found a new craze besides sewing... I am into swapping events... :) read in some blogs all the fabulous wonderful stuff the great crafters have been swapping... I can't help but want to participate in it too :)

Found several really interesting swap groups in Flickr... and one of the very first swap I participated is "Buttons, Buttons, Who's Got the Buttons Swap?".

It was in the theme of St Patrick's Day, where we swap green buttons and any sewing items that is green as well...
Here's a package I received from my swap partner Rochelle. Who has very kindly added A LOT more additional stuff in the package. Flown all the way from Ireland to here.
Here's just part of the package I've sent to my swap partner, Wendy of The Netherlands. I am so glad that she liked the embroidered buttons and the fabric flower pin I've sent her.
Here's another swap event I've participated in. Where I've sent my swap partner, Olive The Beach, 3 Fat Quarters, something handmade and a snack.
Participated in another swap, called the Maker Swap, organized by a craft blogger. This is the package I've sent off just a few days ago.
And finally here's the "Swap Around the World", I've joined. Sent off a package of cutesy handmade stickers plus fibres to my swap partner who is in Italy.

The world of swaps is sooooooo FUN!!! *wink*... have just signed up to participate in the new month of swap events -
1) A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate Swap
2)Fat Quarters Fabric Swap with a Twist

Think that'll be all I'll be joining for the month of April. Have a few custom made orders that just came in and now have to be busy prepping for my new business venture... don't think I have very much time left to do swaps... hmmm... we'll see how it goes then... ;)


jaja said...

hi mamabliss! i'm jaja from malaysia. actually, all this while, I'm ur silent viewer. really admire all your creations!let's exchange link? oya, i would like to ask u, where i can find those fabric buttons (shell), been looking for it everywhere. really hard to find here in my country..

mamabliss said...

Hi Jaja, thanks for visiting my blog :)

If you visit Singapore, the shells of the fabric buttons can be bought from Daiso (the $2 shop in Singapore) or if you wish to buy in a larger quantity you may try Textile Centre where they sell on wholesale.

Hope that helps.