Friday, March 6, 2009

Somethings I've Made & Want to Make...

I haven't blog much in here other than the recent giveaway contests... I supposed it's about time I share more about my love for crafts and sewing here since it's supposed to be a little space where I record all my lil'handmades as well as my source of inspiration.

I recently discovered the fun of making fabric buttons and have since experimented on making them. Here are a few of the sample fabric buttons I've made.The shell of the buttons could be easily obtained from Daiso at only S$2 for a set of 5-6 shells with a setter included. If you'd like to purchase in larger quantities, you may purchase them from wholesalers in the Textile Centre along Jalan Sultan Road.

There's no limit to what you could do with these fabric buttons. It could be easily made into pins, or if you attach a rubber band to make it into a piece of hair-tie, or add a magnet behind you could make a whiteboard/message board magnet. You could even use it to embellish your scrapbook layout. Not bad huh?

Here are a few items I'd really love to try some time... or maybe quite soon...depending on how much time I have on hand given the countless other projects I wish to sew! *smile*

Fabric Journal Cover, been contemplating about sewing something similar, as I like to journal and I want to add personality to a what-seemed plain journal. Bought a few journal booklets quite a long while ago, but never gotten around it...pure procrastination again. This time, I'm really going to sew them up! I need you to hold my word for it as it's going to be my next giveaway item, will most likely be giving away two of these.

Grosgrain - Kathleen, one of my great source of inspiration. I simply enjoy her Grosgrain blog...where she host weekly giveaways. They are really to covet for :)

One of her recent giveaway was this beautiful cardigan that she adapted from Anthropologie. She called it the Anthropolification...and she shared how she made it...neat huh? I am soooo going to make one of these too, just need to get a similar cardigan first... *wink*That's quite a few projects I've on mind to complete... while the WIPs are -
~ Sewing an apron for each of my 2 kiddos.
~ Finishing up all the Chic Clutch bags that I've planned to sew.
~ Two Dainty Daisy bags
~ Two toddler's hats
~ One pleated tote bag

Oh my goodness... when will I finish sewing all these stuff??? Well, we'll see... will share more soon! By the way, the Mini Chic Clutch giveaway is ending soon, do sign up asap if you haven't done so!



pc said...

love the fabric buttons. if you are selling it with rubber-band. i'll buy from you!!! :).

mamabliss said...

Sure, PC, that day when I saw HY having her hair tied up with those hair-ties, I was already thinking of making those teehehe ;)