Monday, March 9, 2009

Chic Giveaway Winner

Have you guessed correctly? *smile*

The Mini Chic Clutch I planned to giveaway is this beautiful peony print red clutch... almost 50% of you made the correct guess...
I did the draw the conventional way instead of using I like this old fashioned but fun way of doing the draw... writing the names onto pieces of paper and draw amongst the lot *grin*
I was pleasantly surprised that I drew a name that I was so familiar with... an old dear friend of mine... Lilian, who incidentally was also my very first customer who requested for a tote bag to be custom-made for her *wink*
It was purely a struck of luck that Lilian was picked so no partiality given at all!!! *smile*

Congratulations Lilian!!!


J@n!ce said...

Congrats to your friend :)
No luck again for me this time round though I guessed the correct one ;p

Let me know when there's going to be any more of such giveaway.

Take Care :)

mamabliss said...

sure dear... i hope to be able to have the journal covers done by end this month... :) I'll usually try to run one giveaway every look out for it ya...

Anonymous said...

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MiyaSohoza said...

Glad you are interested in the Maker Swap - I updated with a new post that has instructions - please check it out to sign up!

Thanks & happy swapping!


May Low said...

congrats to your friend lilian... I thought I will be the luckily one as I saw my name in the front... hahaha never mind... i wont give up...